Sexy Escort’s opinion on G Spot in Women: What It Is, How to Find It?

Sexy Escort’s opinion on G Spot in Women: What It Is, How to Find It?

Before 1950 the only spot that women and men thought as a trigger of the female orgasm was clitoris but after 1950 some researchers found that there is a particular spot in the vagina that triggers orgasm and pleasure more than the clitoris.

This spot was named G-Spot. G-Spot stimulation produces a powerful orgasm and if stimulated correctly leads to squirting also known as female ejaculation.

The main question now people have in mind is what is G-Spot?

Female escorts in vegas says that G-Spot is not a spot rather it is a zone where it has a bean-shaped tissue having several thousand micro nerves ending, it is a part of the para-urethral gland that looks like a male prostate.

It is tiny in size equal to a quarter but due to nerves, its structure is a little rough than the surrounding. During sex, blood flow increases which lead to swelling of g spot as it is made of erectile tissue thus it can be located easily when sexy escorts las vegas are sexually aroused. Normally G-Spot is located two inches above the vaginal opening.

How to find G-Spot

Female escorts las vegas says G-Spot stimulation doesn’t get mastered in one day, it takes several attempts to find, locate and stimulate a woman,s G-Spot correctly.

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