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What Is International Tiger Day?

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What is International Tiger Day? International Tiger Day is an international day of environmentalism and conservation. It is a day where organizations like IFA (International Association of Fish Breeders), IFRC (International Federation of Association of Fish Breeding Seasonenders), and others come together to celebrate this beautiful and rare animal. It is also a day to raise funds and awareness for the preservation of tigers and other large felines. If you have some knowledge about big cats, you can contribute towards this important cause by joining in any activities, fundraising events, conferences or workshops on this topic.

What is International Tiger Day? International Tiger Day is an international day of environmentalism and conservation to celebrate and raise awareness for the beautiful wild cat. It is usually held every July to raise funds and awareness for the world’s most threatened tiger species. It is organized by the IFRC and hosted by the St. Petersburg Tiger Steeplejung Palace.

The St. Petersburg Palace has been hosting world famous leaders and dignitaries since 1960, when it became aware of the plight of tigers at the Russian Zoo. A few years later, it decided to organize an international tiger day with the help of various organizations and individuals, who decided to lend their support for preserving this wonderful creature. Today, on this day, people can not only see beautiful pictures of tigers and other felines, but they can also meet their biggest fans – the little cubs. Every year, on this day, a number of cubs from different parts of Russia and abroad are taken care of at the St. Petersburg Zoo. Besides the big cats, there are also some very cute cubs.

Besides saving these adorable creatures, another aspect of this event is to educate people about the cause of International Tiger Day. There are several reasons why more people are becoming more interested in preserving these amazing cats. One of the prime reasons for this increase in interest is conservation and preservation of their habitat, which is disappearing as we progress towards development and overcrowding. On the other hand, with proper planning and utilization of tiger reserves, it is possible to ensure that at least one generation of a family remains familiar with the joy and glory of seeing these magnificent felines.

The reason why St. Petersburg Zoo decided to celebrate annually the presence of its resident tigers is the fact that no other place could provide the perfect home for these animals. According to them, this unique sanctuary is irreplaceable, as no other place in the world can provide a habitat as good as these islands. The islands are also extremely important for the survival of their inhabitants: many tourists come to visit the beautiful place every year.

What is International Tiger Day? Every year on this special day in June, St. Pete’s Zoo and other zoos in the region organize various activities intended to give worldwide attention to the beautiful creatures that call this place home. Such projects as tiger cage diving, walking with tigers and the likes to make sure that this day reaches out to more people than any other day of the year.

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